Odin-3D Microstep-Board:
All functions included on this 200x100mm Board. Plug and Play (DOS).
Complete with 6 Relays[16A], Board-Holder and parallel 25p. Sub-D Cable to PC.
Through Clock/Direction signal inputs compatible to most standard CNC-Programs.
6 x 3A bipolar Phase-Current (max. 6A Peak) and up to 55V operating Voltage.
Automatic Current-Reduction at stop and easy updatable Generic Array Logic(TM).
Very low Power Loss through sophisticated Choppertechnique and Current-Feedback.
High dynamic with 18 Microsteps/Fullstep! Used on Steppers with common resolution
of 200 Fullsteps/rev. leads to very nice 0.1 Deg. angle per each Microstep.
3600 Microsteps are building a complete turn of the steppermotor axis.
Up to 8 Hz axis turns with ramps! Without ramps max. 5 Hz (Motor: TECO co308)!
Parallel switching and synchronous drive of all axis possible up to 9A Current/Phase!
Application specified as an electrical gear with 2 Motors/Axis! [2. Photo below].
With max. 35m long Datacable to PC usefull as an Universal-Remote-Control!
Now available with dynamic Stepshift or various Controllers up to 1/30 Microsteps.

Odin-3D Microstepper Board

Odin-4D Microstepper-Board:
The 3D-Board is updatable with an Additional-Board to a complete 4D-Board.
Please click NOW HERE to watch both Boards together in one picture.

Odin-4D Microstepper Board


Move the mousepointer over the image, but don't klick at first!
You'll see the Phase-Voltage Relation while driving in Halfstep-Mode.
Click on the image and you'll be linked to the datasheet of the LMD18245 Motor Drivers.

The dynamic Stepshift can be activated by 5V TTL-Signal at ANYTIME while driving the Motor!
It can shift between Microstep- and Halfstep Mode up and down as it is triggered from PC.
Regardless of Mode, the Board always have to be clocked in Microstep Mode. Never lost steps!

The automatic Current-Reduction was realisied through the valency of the Motor-Driver's DAC.

It is active when the GAL-Binary-Counter is at Zero position and Pin1(Strobe) set to high level.

Special designs of dyn. Stepshift and autom. Current-Reduction on customer's demand.

Realtime Odin-3D 1/18 microstep-sound of 3 steppers doing each 10 rounds (7.2 rounds/s).

Odin-3D driving 5 Steppers (Sideview)

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