Microstep Motion Control with NSC LMD 18245 Motor Driver

Odin-3D Driverboard

Available Chip-Sets (CHIP1 & CHIP2) with EASY LAYOUT:
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.1a with fixed 30 Microsteps. Read important Note!
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.1 with fixed 25 Microsteps.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.2 with fixed 24 Microsteps.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.3 with fixed 22 Microsteps.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.4 with fixed 20 Microsteps.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.5 with dynamic shift from 18 to asym. Quarterstep.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.6 with dynamic shift from 18 down to Halfstep.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.7 with dynamic shift from 18 down to Fullstep.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.8 with dynamic shift from 16 down to 8 Microsteps.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.9 with dynamic shift from 16 down to Quarterstep.
Mikroschritt-Chipsatz Nr.10 with dynamic shift from 16 down to Halfstep.
Chipset No.11 with Quarterstep and dynamic shift down to Fullstep,
and static shift to Halfstep or Fullstep.
Shift at Chip1: Halfstep: Pin9 connect to GND, Fullstep: Pin7 connect to GND.
Shift at Chip2: Dynamic from Quarterstep to Fullstep: Pin1 connect to GND.
NEW: Chipsatz No.12 with 1/8-step, Quarterstep, Halfstep and Fullstep.
Shift the steps at Chip1: Fullstep: Pin7 & Pin9 GND; Halfstep: Pin7 GND, Pin9 NC.
1/4-step: Pin9 GND, Pin7 NC; 1/8-step: Pin7/9 NC (open Pins have active pull-up).
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Important Note::
Chipset No.1a is a special design and requires to cross Pin15 and Pin17 at Chip2!!
Pin15(Chip2) connect to Pin6(ChipB) and Pin17(Chip2) connect to Pin8(ChipB).
The dynamic shift to lower Step-Mode should be activated at the end of the
acceleration-ramp and switch back to a higher resolution when start brake.
This overtakes the dead-point of resonances! Easily doubles dynamic speed!
Chipsset No.5 includes asymetric Quarterstep. This set is recommend for high
acceleration and very high speed! Choose Chipset No.2 for fine milling, etc.
Chipset No.1 can realise the fastest acceleration of all 9 Chipsets.
Chipset No.1 is the set delivered by default if no other set is choosen!
The dynamic shift can be triggered at Pin13 or Pin1(required for Odin-3D board).
1. Version of Chip2: Pin1[NC], Pin13[Dynamic Switch]. Order (Example): Chipset No.5-13
2. Version of Chip2: Pin1[Dynamic Switch], Pin13[NC]. Order (Example): Chipset No.7-1

The function of Current-Reduction
Current-Reduction active, when Pin10 from Chip1 is high and Pin11 is not connected (high).
The Function at Pin10 gets inverted, if Pin11 from Chip1 is connected to GND (low).

Move the mousepointer over the image, but don't klick at first!
You'll see the Phase-Voltage Relation while driving in Halfstep-Mode.
Click on the image and you'll be linked to the datasheet of the LMD18245-Chips.

LMD18245T Motordriver A Pair of GAL22V10 is building a Chipset

5 Phase Motion-Control

Parallel Drive of 5 (3) Steppermotor-Boards

Parallel Drive of 2 Axis on a single 6A-Motor

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