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Plasma Spraying MIG Welding ARC Welding TIG Welding Multi Wire Welding (HYPERDRIVE OCTOWELD)

             Specifications:                   New:   9 AXIS CNC and Motorhead-Surface-Milling           
             International Welding Engineer
             Consulting and Mechanical Engineering
             Aluminium welding, TIG or MIG up to 460 A, automatic or manual processing
             Manufacturing of stainless steel and surface hardening by welding
             Maintenance welding of cast iron / aluminium (engines, gearboxes, etc.)
             Metal - plasma spraying (surface coating with zinc, aluminium or iron)
             Massproduction using the HYPERDRIVE OCTOWELD (simultaneous procedures)
             Assemblies processing only by reliable native German fitters
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             D-23847 Grinau              GERMANY                                             Tel. +49 (0)4501 423

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