Cycle-integrated CNC-Studentversion for driving Steppermotor Units

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      Milling Program with graphic screen output of all 9 axis and 6 switches from 3D to 6D.
      Triangle-, square-, circle- and sparkerosioncycles plus TEACH-IN are already integrated.
      Data output on parallel port directly to the driver unit; even with this Studentversion.
      2 Bit Direction/Clock Standard-Signaloutput. Compatible to the most steppermotor boards.
      This Studentversion has only few restrictions as drive not far than 200mm and cycle limits.
      Requires PC 486DX 33Mhz or higher, VGA, mousepointer and minimum 1 parallel port.
      Only 12 commands! Within 20 minutes you'll be able coding your own CNC files!
      Download the file CNC-PACK.EXE (120 KB) and copy it into an empty directory.
      Shift to DOS mode (if use Win95/98, else install DOS Operation System) and open the file.
      The files containing in CNC-PACK.EXE will be automaticly unpacked.
      Then type "startcnc" into the DOS prompt and enter.
      You'll find all informations needed in the following batch procedure.
      You may edit and change the included example files to see what is going on then.
      For file management it is recommend to use the Norton Commander or DirTree.
      The 9 Axis CNC-Fullversion with 6D Interpolation is available for 219,- EUR incl. VAT.

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